GMRRFFA offers a variety of options for trades, including players for free agency auction budget (FAAB) dollars and cutting-edge trades for future draft dollars, where owners can trade future dollars for assets this season. Check out all trades in real time below, or get familiar with GMRRFFA trade rules.

Current LB6 Tax Collected:


All trades featuring future draft dollars are taxed $1 for every $5 traded, beginning at $6. The tax is awarded to the LB6 winner at the end of the season. 

New for 2019, beginning May 1st, GMRRFFA owners can trade assets (currently on roster) and FAAB dollars ahead of the August 12th Keeper deadline

Implemented ahead of the 2018 season, GMRRFFA owners can trade future draft dollars for current players. For any trades exceeding $5, a $1 tax is imposed and collected, which is awarded to the draft budget of the winner of the Loser's Bracket for the next season's draft.

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